March 29-31, 2013 – A Weekend Trip to The New River Gorge

Prior to this trip, I watched videos of Chris Sharma and Brent Perkins climbing Proper Soul. I had attempted this route once the year before, but it was way beyond my level of climbing at the time. The first day, I went straight to the Cirque to climb Proper Soul.  I felt way stronger and more confident than the year before. When I got to the route, I was a little disappointed to see that the top was completely soaked. A local said that it would be late April before the top of the route would dry off. I decided to get on the route anyway and work through the dry section. I made two attempts on the route and worked out my beta through the crux moves.

 The next day, I returned to the Cirque to get on Xanth. I showed up at the crag and realized that I left my quickdraws in the car. I didn't have a prehung route to warm up on, so I decided to warm up on the bottom of Proper Soul. I set up a video camera so that I could study the video, when I returned home. I got on Proper Soul and climbed up to the dihedral section. I felt good so I decided to keep climbing. After clearing the dihedral section with no falls, I continued climbing to the last clip (before the wet section began). I looked up and realized that the final section of the route was full of large bucket holds….. all the way to the anchors. I told my mom/ belayer that I was going for it.  Since I had gotten that far, I felt like I had nothing to lose.  I was SUPER EXCITED when I reached the anchors! I really wanted to top out the route but quickly realized that was not an option with the water fall.

Proper soul pic blog.JPG