April 3-6, 2013 Back to The Red!!

Three days after sending Proper Soul, I headed back to The Red.  The first day, I went to the Motherlode and sent Transworld Depravity (3rd attempt) followed by Last of the Bohicans (1st attempt).   I climbed Bohica last year. After climbing only 4 routes that day, I took off my shoes and went to hang out with my friend Jake, at The Chocolate Factory.  I ended up climbing a few more routes, but I did way more hanging, than I did climbing that day. 

The next day I returned to Bob Marley’s crag and got on Southern Smoke.  I made two attempts on the route and got the route down to one fall.  I decided to make that a short climbing day and returned to the room to rest.

 The 3rd day, I woke up with Southern Smoke on my mind, and headed straight to the crag.  On my first attempt of the day I made it past my crux spot but had a foot pop and fell. I was really frustrated, but I got it together and hopped right back on route.  On my next attempt I sent Southern Smoke!!!  It took me six attempts total.  I was in complete disbelief!

I've had an amazing time climbing outdoors for the last month! 3 trips in 1 month. That's more than all of last year combined. After this trip it will likely be 4-5 months before I get back outside.  Back to plastic...... the up side, I get to hang out with my TRC teammates and USA climbing friends at comps for a while.