Photo by Tim Roy

Shoot for the moon, and catch the stars on the way back.
— Coach Emily Taylor

In 2006, six year old Kai Lightner walked into The Climbing Place in Fayetteville, NC and discovered the world of rockclimbing.  That year he began competing in the USA Climbing organization, and attended his first Sport Climbing Series National Competition in 2007.   As an active competitor in the USA Climbing youth circuit, Kai has earned 8 National Championship titles, 3 Pan American Championship titles, and 12 US Team designations.  In September 2014, Kai earned the gold medal for his age category (14-15) at the Youth World championship in Noumea, New Caledonia, becoming the first American Lead World Champion since 1995.

Kai has a passion for indoor competitive climbing and enjoys “pushing the limits” through outdoor sport climbing.  In 2013, Kai reached new heights outdoors, climbing his first 5.14a route.  Since that time, he has ascended 10 sport climbs 5.14a – 5.14c.

He aims to continue tackling new outdoor challenges, and one day compete in World Cup climbing competitions.

DOB: 8/21/1999

Started Climbing: Age 6

Current Age: 15

Favorite Crag: The Red River Gorge

Home Climbing Gym/Team: Triangle Rock Club

Coaches: Emily Taylor/Shane Messer